Frequently asked questions
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For everyone

What is iGenezen? Put simply iGenezen is "health care where you are". iGenezen (i-gen-uh-zen) is the world's first online and mobile platform for scheduling house calls. Our lawyers call us a management service organziation (MSO).

Who provides patient care? Patient care is provided by idependently owned and operated professional corporations which are in turn managed by iGenezen. iGenezen is not a health care provider.

What locations does your network of providers serve? At presently our network of providers serves New York City, specifically the borough of Manhattan. Although, we'll be launching in new markets every month. Contact us to demand that we serve your town. Our growth hinges on demand, so by all means reach out to us. In the mean time, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest and/or Tumblr.

I own a business, may I sign up my employees? Absolutely. iGenezen is the perfect complement to your fringe benefit program or supplement to an already established health insurance benefit. Contact us and we'll get you and your team set up, we'll even provide a discount.

Are you hiring? Yes, we have immediate needs for enterprising interns, software developers and marketing experts

For patients

What is a house call? Put simply iGenezen is "health care where you are".

How do I schedule a house call? Simple, give us a call at 917-288-5217 or click here. As we expand outside of New York City, we'll introduce you to our cutting edge online and mobile app that are currently in development and due out in Spring 2013.

Do I have to sign up to schedule a house call? Nope. Give us a call.

Who will perform the house call?

Do you take insurance?

Where can you perform the house call?

Do I have to sign up to schedule a house call?

Can I prepay for my future house call visits?

Which locations do you serve? Right now we are serving New York City, specificially the borough of Manhattan. We endeavor to offer house calls nationwide, with your help, we see no reason why that would not be possible.

For providers

How do I sign up? Put simply iGenezen is "health care where you are".

What equipment do I use and where do I get it?

What about supplies, where do they come from and how do I order?

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