The iGenezen Internship Program provides an extraordinary opportunity to gain valuable professional experience, build leadership skills, and have fun while doing so. This hands-on, remote program is designed to mentor and cultivate today’s young leaders, strengthen their understanding of business, entrepreneurship and marketing, jumpstart their career, and inspire solutions to real world problems.

The iGenezen Internship Program’s mantra is 'inspire, motivate, act'. Its mission is push the envelope, change the status quo and challenge students to go beyond their comfort zone to affect real, massive change for the benefit of all stakeholders, not just those with a piece of the pie.

The application for the Spring 2013 iGenezen Internship Program is now open.

To apply for the iGenezen Internship Program, please click here. For application deadlines, details and program dates, please see below or vist our FAQ section.

What We're All About

Our team is committed to providing young leaders from all across the nation a unique, cutting-edge and revolutionary opportunity to develop their leadership talents, challenge themselves, boost their social network and gain exposure to a multitude of skills necessary to challenge the status quo and impact their community in a sustainable and positive way through the iGenezen Internship Program. This program was developed to provide hands-on experience, cultivate such skills, and inspire a movement .

In addition to the iGenezen Internship Program being available to young leaders who are at least 18 years old, we are developing an iGenezen Mentor Program which will be a part-time opportunity for young leaders in public and charter high schools or recent high school graduates finding it difficult to navigate the college application process. We'd love to help, for more infomration please contact us.


This select group of young individuals from across the country dedicate their time, talents, energy, and service to augment their expereince and education as well as beneift their community, and the nation. These committed students become a part of the iGenezen team and candidates for full-time employment. Interns work in teams and work remotely from their college campus. Your meeting place is up to you, one day you could be meeting in the student union, the next the cafeteria. Each team compete with teams from other colleges and universities throughout the nation. Your success is not measured in revenue, it is measured in terms of how much good you will be doing for your community. The assignments given to a team on any given day could include conducting research, canvassing their community, developing and implementing ad campaigns, speaking to influencers, managing incoming inquiries, writing press releases and whitepapers, investigative journalism, conducting case studies, producing and staffing events, fundraising, creating viral videos, initiating publicity stunts, recruiting future interns, guerilla marketing,  presenting their results and experience to peers, faculty and community  leaders and much more.

While the interns’ responsibilities and tasks vary, all interns are united through weekly events including a weekly live stream speaker series with senior management and other change agents and disrupters from throughout the world who speak about their successes and failures. Most importantly, the internship experience includes an emphasis on fun and doing enormous public good. Interns participate in regularly scheduled social entrepreneur projects that focus on all stakeholders.

Selection Process: What to Expect

We're looking for talented, progress-driven game changers, problem solvers, and 'shape shifters' who are enthusiastic about tackling major challenges, stirring things up, and committed to improving their community. Because our team is the backbone of everything we do, our recruitment process is a team effort from start to finish.

Selection Process Steps

Step 1: Application: A completed application must be submitted by the appropriate deadline. The most important component of your application is your video resume. A paper resume won't show us what you're capable of, so we won't ask for it, besides isn't that what LinkedIn is for? You will have the option to include any social media links you feel will differentiate yourself from others. The video resume is a biographical short film and should be one (1) to three (3) minutes in length telling us who you are, what you hope to gain from this expereince, and where you plan to see yourself in 5 years. Note: Sitting in front of a camera to say "hi my name is Larry and hope to gain valuable experience because I want to own a business some day" won't make the cut. Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Be creative. Be insprirational. Be interesting. Surprise yourself. Have fun. You do not need to own fancy camera equipment to make this video; any web cam, smartphone, or tablet will do the trick. Remember, be creative. The goal is to communicate who you ar, what sets you apart from others, and why we need you on our team. To apply, click here.

Step 2: Contact: If your experiences and enthusiam are a match for an internship position, a recruiter will reach out to personally to invite you to the next step as well as answer any questions you may have up to this point.

Step 3: Remote Interview: Nothing we do at iGenezen is ordinary, and our management team is spread throughout the country so your interview will be conducted via Google+ Hangouts. You will be evaluated on your communication skills, problem solving talents, and creativity. You will evaluated on your problem solving abilities and be asked to overcome a hypothetical obstacle in real time. We are not searching for right or wrong answers or answers you think we want to here, we are looking for creativity, resourcefulness, focus, and a determined attitude.

Step 4: To Hire or not to hire? Following successful completion of steps 1 through 3 you will be offered an internship position. If you were not selected, you will be invited to apply for the following term or to participate in our mentor program.

What next? You will be assigned to a team and requested to meet with your team prior to the start date to get to know each other and assign a team captain. At midnight of your start date your team will receive its first assignment and deadline within which to complete it. Expect a challenge.


All applicants must be 18 years of age or older on or before the first day the internship term begins and presently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a community college, college, or two to four year university.

Internship Timeline

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